Commission a Custom Work of Art

Currently accepting commissions for Summer & Fall 2019


remake a favorite

Is there a painting of mine that you loved but didn’t find until it had already sold? Let me know which one, and what you liked about it, and I can create a new painting in the same style & spirit. No two paintings are ever identical, but this is a good way to get your own original piece of art in a form you already love and yearn for. You can see examples of my work on the Portfolio page.

design painting.JPG

Design it with me

Want to dream up something spectacular and new together, that will fit in perfectly with the space and decor you already have? Let me know what dimensions you want (from small 8”x8” all the way up to 48”x60”) and send me some pictures of your space - we’ll brainstorm together some color and style choices for a truly customized piece of decor!


scale it up

Is there a piece in my shop that you love but it doesn’t quite fit your space? Or maybe something from my instagram feed you’ve noticed in art journal form and would love turned into canvas wall art? Let me know the dimensions you need (bigger or smaller) and I will repaint a new original artwork for you based on the one you first fell in love with.


a special gift

Would you like to celebrate a special milestone or special person in your life? Tell me about the person you’re celebrating, what they mean to you, and what positive feelings they help you realize. I’ll create a piece manifesting those feelings that you can use to express your appreciation to them. Extra small sizes available to make this an affordable gift choice for any occasion!

rainbow surprise.png

surprise me!

If all you want to tell me is 2 colors & the dimensions, I will happily create something unique just for you - I offer a special discount for this extra degree of creative expression!

The commission process is pretty straightforward, but I know it can seem daunting if you haven’t purchased large paintings before. To clarify, commissions don’t have to be big!

Here’s what to expect:

  1. You email me with your commission request (info @ antianxietyart . com) - including size, colors, particular themes/emotions, and any particular date you need it by (e.g. to gift to someone on their birthday). If you are requesting a scaled version of an existing or sold out work, please include a link to that image on my shop or from instagram.

  2. I will confirm with you when in my calendar I will be able to complete the commission and send back a brief contract with pricing details & outlining the design parameters as I understand them, to make sure we’re on the same page.

  3. I’ll set up a custom etsy listing for 50% of the price, which must be received before I begin working on your painting.

  4. Upon completion, I’ll send you images of the final piece and post a custom etsy listing for the remaining 50%.

  5. Once the balance is paid, I’ll ship your painting to you, packaged with love and care and eager to join its forever home :)

  6. I know custom artwork can feel like a risk - paying up front when you don’t know the final result. So here’s the deal: If for some reason you don’t LOVE your painting when I send you the final pictures, just let me know. I want to reduce stress and create joy, not the opposite! I’ll put it up for sale in my main shop instead, and convert your initial 50% payment to a gift card balance you can use on anything else in the shop within the next year.

  • A note about pricing - I price all my paintings by size, so you can get a pretty clear idea ahead of time what to expect.

  • Current pricing examples (before shipping & sales tax)

    $50 - 4”x4” wood panel
    $100 - 8”x10” canvas
    $140 - 12”x12” canvas
    $300 - 24”x24” canvas
    $450 - 36”x36” canvas
    $550 - 36”x48” canvas
    $700 - 48”x60” canvas