Anti-Anxiety Art
Anti-Anxiety Art
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Recovering from perfectionism…

Hi, I’m Julianna Stockton, the artist behind Anti-Anxiety Art. While I’ve always loved art & color, and making things with my hands, for a long time I let frustration and perfectionism get in the way of producing any creative work. I could never get the project to look like the vision I had in my head, and would give up part way through. Ironically, while making things with my hands (especially colorful happy things) has always helped lift my depression and reduce my anxiety, I regularly let that same anxiety & perfectionism keep me from making anything because I’d find it too overwhelming or exhausting to get started.

Then in 2015 I found art journaling, and felt instantly at home. It was a wonderful way to express emotions and process feelings with colors and images alongside words, and in a book with so many pages that the “stakes” for any one piece became so low I felt free to experiment and spread my wings. Page by page, mark by mark, I began to shed the perfectionism and anxiety that had held me back from fully embracing creative expression. I eventually grew brave enough to venture out of the “safe” confines of a book I could close up and keep secret, to expressing myself on big, bright, colorful canvases through abstract acrylic painting.

Since 2017 I’ve been painting on canvases, learning more and more to let go of expectations and end results and enjoy the process along the way. I paint because it helps me reduce stress and create joy in my life, one brush stroke at a time. I hope my paintings bring a burst of color, cheer, and calm to your heart and home as well.


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Lover of color,
embracer of joy.

All the colors =
All the joy!


Artist’s Statement

An abstract expressionist painter, Julianna started off in mixed media art journaling and collage. In recent years she’s ventured beyond inward-focused journal pages to express herself on bright, colorful canvases that reflect outwardly the joy and calm she hopes to spark more of in this busy, anxious world.